Explore Ireland by horse

Horseback riding in Ireland - Anna & Michal - cc
Horseback riding in Ireland - Anna & Michal - cc

In Ireland, horse riding is a real passion! The country abounds in stud farms, breeding large-breed horses that are renowned throughout the world. Whether it’s for a ride in the wilderness or a short ride in a horse race, horse lovers will certainly enjoy it!

Ireland, a nation passionate about horse riding

Horse riding in Ireland: enjoy a ride!

Ireland is full of stud farms and other equestrian centres ready to take you for an afternoon ride with a proud steed. The circuits to be done are always a delight, and will allow you to discover the pleasures of horse riding in a natural setting quite exceptional!

Most of the trails you will be asked to ride on do not require a high level of riding skills, so a beginner will have no problem! Moreover, the presence of a guide will allow you to quickly find your rhythm, to discover the region, and thus to make the most of the ride!

The Connemara region is particularly suitable for your excursion: the wild horses of Connemara are among the most beautiful horses in Ireland, and are prized all over the world! Not to mention the stunning scenery of the area, where you’ll be surrounded by the fabulous lakes, rivers, peat bogs and mountains of Connemara.

On the equipment side, the equestrian centres you will call upon will be happy to provide you with all the necessary equipment. This includes boots, and a bomb (to protect your head). Also remember to dress specially for the occasion: prefer comfortable trousers that are not too afraid of getting dirty!

All you have to do is get in the saddle!