Horse Racing

A horse race - Florian Christoph - cc
A horse race - Florian Christoph - cc

Ireland is the most famous country in Europe for the pedigree of its horses as well as their performance on the races. Don’t worry if you want to watch a race: Ireland has many racecourses all over the country! Some horse races are real events, lasting from 3 days to a whole week! Not to mention Christmas, where it is customary to celebrate the holidays by attending a horse race!

Racecourses everywhere!

Get the thrill!

A horse race - cosmo_71 - cc

A horse race – cosmo_71 – cc

In Ireland, a horse race is an opportunity to live some great moments! Pretty dresses, big hats, distinguished outfits… and of course fervour and excitement are on the program of these races! Then there are many events: obstacle course, flat race… Everything is good to have fun and admire the prowess of the Irish jockeys!

Some races have become institutions, such as the Ballybrit race, not far from Galway, where more than 150,000 people flock to the racecourse to get their adrenaline flowing!

Among the racecourses to see, we recommend you to discover the site of Layton, in County Louth, where magnificent horse races are held on the beaches of the county. The beauty of the place and the surrounding excitement make it a place out of the ordinary that will leave you breathless with admiration!

Don’t miss Listowel in County Kerry either. This racecourse is one of Ireland’s oldest horse racing venues and Irish people love to go there for a race. Atmosphere and excitement guaranteed!

If you are of a speculative nature, be aware that it is possible to bet at any racecourse in Ireland. A way to spice up the game a little and give yourself a treat!

Have a good race!