Hitchhiking in Ireland

Hitchhiking - fizkes
Hitchhiking - fizkes

Not much money, and want to travel the roads of Ireland? Hitchhiking is a fairly common solution in Ireland, and a perfect way to meet Irish people, who are always fond of conversations with foreigners during a simple trip…

A royal solution for small budgets!

Auto-Stop in Ireland is commonplace

If you’re not afraid to venture out on Irish roads alone in changing weather, then hitchhiking is the answer!

Irish people like to meet people and help out tourists in exchange for a good conversation on the way! So much so, that they will gladly stop by the side of the road to ask you where you want to go, even if you don’t even hitchhike! That says a lot about the principle of mutual aid in Ireland, and the generosity of its people!

No need to keep your thumb up in deserted corners!

Generally speaking, prefer busy roads: there are some places in Ireland that are so deserted that your chances of finding a car ready to take you for a ride are minimal. It can even take less than an hour depending on where you are!

No need to keep your thumb up in deserted corners! Favour the main roads rather than those lost in the depths of the Irish countryside.

A small gesture in return is always a plus…

If by chance an Irish man accepts you as a passenger, don’t hesitate to show him your gratitude! Irish people like to please and be thanked. So, just taking an interest in the driver by tying conversation is a nice way to thank your Good Samaritan!

When it comes to driving in Ireland, don’t be surprised if the Irish drive around corners a little bit steeply: they know the road in general, and will be careful and respectful of the traffic rules in force in Ireland! In addition, the reputation of Irish road conditions is world-renowned!