Hiking safety in Ireland

A hiker near Diamond Hill - janmennens - cc
A hiker near Diamond Hill - janmennens - cc

Prudence is the mother of safety: this adage is no exception to hiking, whatever your level. Here are a few tips to help you go walking in Ireland in complete safety!

Hiking safely in Ireland

Don’t neglect your equipment!

It is essential that you have good walking equipment in Ireland: it will save you some inconvenience. Among the necessary equipment, don’t forget to take with you :

  • good walking shoes and several pairs of socks
  • a sweater (the climate is particularly changeable in Ireland)
  • a waterproof windbreaker
  • a cap or hat depending on the season
  • several litres of water per person as well as food
  • one card
  • a compass
  • a first-aid kit with the minimum necessary (compresses, bandages, disinfectant, cream in case of a blow etc…)

Advice during the walk

Beyond your backpack, remember to follow a few common sense rules.

Never hike alone. It is necessary to be at least 2 or 3 people to progress safely. The presence of a guide can be a plus and will allow you to discover the region from a more relevant angle.

Also, do not hesitate to inform the local Visitor Centre of the start of your hike. One more security!

Finally, do not hesitate to ask their advice, to choose the circuit best suited to your physical capacity. Never assume your level: sometimes a short walk is better than a long, poorly planned hike where you will be almost exhausted!

Have a good walk!