Hiking in Ireland: private property

A hiker near Diamond Hill - janmennens - cc
A hiker near Diamond Hill - janmennens - cc

If you enjoy walking, and want to discover the best of what Ireland has to offer, here are some tips for exploring the country in the best possible conditions! It must be said that not everything is accessible to visitors, which sometimes means asking permission from the owners to venture onto their property .

Walking in Ireland in good conditions

Beware of private property!

Ireland is a rather large and wild country, of which the locals are particularly proud. Not very fond of fences of any kind to mark out their land, you might unknowingly venture onto private property… (Many of the megaliths are located in fields owned by a local Irish man).

Also, we recommend that you inquire beforehand: even if some places are not closed, be aware that some of the land is sometimes private property. It happens that some conciliatory owners give a right of way on their land, but this mark of politeness is not always honored on every piece of land.

So take your precautions and venture only in authorized areas. Usually, a simple hello followed by a request for authorization will suffice.

Also be careful not to pollute the paths: there’s nothing more unpleasant than falling on rubbish on your way!