Getting a tattoo in Ireland

A tattoo artist in Ireland - Nejron
A tattoo artist in Ireland - Nejron

Every year, thousands of travellers choose the occasion of their trip to Ireland to get a tattoo. It’s a fun and crazy project that will immortalize your stay in Ireland forever! To make sure you don’t regret anything and that this act doesn’t become a false good idea, here are a few tips!

A tattoo in Ireland

A choice to think about and prepare!

Ok, we’re not going to be moralistic, but it’s better to say things: a tattoo is permanent! That’s why it’s good to anticipate your project a little bit so you won’t have anything to regret!

So that everything goes well, don’t hesitate to think in advance about what you want to get tattooed. This way you’ll avoid regrets for the next day!

As for tattoo artists, you should know that there are some great names in tattooing in Ireland. Famous all over the world, each with their own speciality, their signature, their very own style. Also, do not push the first tattoo shop in the area: do not hesitate to ask beforehand if its style suits you, if its reputation is worthy, the quality of its line, the cleanliness of the place (obligatory sterilization…etc), its prices, and of course, to consult its book of achievements!

The ideal remains to have a good contact with your tattoo artist, that he understands your expectations and is in phase with you.

In general, you will have more choices in big cities like Dublin, Galway, Cork or Belfast.

Prefer small pieces: a too big tattoo could take too much time on your stay, not to mention the later retouching which could be complicated. Healing time could also become a concern, and would prohibit you from bathing or exposing yourself to the sun for example. A big sacrifice on your holiday in Ireland!

So much for our advice. Dig in and enjoy the moment!