Ferry to Ireland: for or against cabin travel?

Brittany Ferries - Mike Cattell - cc
Brittany Ferries - Mike Cattell - cc

Travelling by Ferry has many advantages, starting with the possibility of taking your own vehicle with you to Ireland, without having to go through the “hire car” box. Nevertheless, the journey from France to Ireland can be long and tiring… The question then arises: is it necessary to take a cabin for the duration of the journey?

Take the ferry

Long and tiring journeys

It usually takes between 15 and 20 hours by sea to reach Ireland (whether you start from Cherbourg or Roscoff). And generally, journeys are made at night for added convenience.

It is thus quite naturally at the time of your reservation that you will be asked under which conditions you wish to travel… Would you like to take a cabin to rest? Would you prefer to book a seat only and take advantage of the boat’s other services?

To that, we would reply that it’s all a question of desire, physical condition and above all budget. It is generally necessary to count a hundred euros for a cabin, which is far from being insignificant…

Cabin travel: ideal for budget travellers looking for a rest before their destination

Nevertheless, booking a cabin is often a good idea. It will allow you to spend a good night, in a real bed and a real room, away from the noise and bustle of the ferry’s public seats.

Moreover, cabin rental is a significant advantage for people who are ill at sea: you will always feel more comfortable in the privacy of a room when you are suffering from the swell.

The journey without a cabin: a more roots but more economical mode of transport

The most courageous who wish to save on their budgets will probably refuse to take a room during the trip. You will then be able to enjoy the trip on a reserved seat, where you can fall asleep (less comfortable, but it can do the trick if you are not too cozy).

Note that the ferry also offers other services (which vary according to the company), such as a cinema, a bar…etc. In short, another way to pass the time, but one that is likely to make you tired before setting foot in Ireland…