What if you were to stay in Farmhouses during your stay? These accommodations are perfect for lovers of country life! Worthy of a B&B, a farmhouse is above all a place where you can enjoy a nice holiday, while learning about life on the farm! Great if you want to get away from your city life!

Farmhouse operations in Ireland

A B&B in country style!

Learn how to milk cows, shear sheep’s wool, make your own Irish bread… These are the many activities that farmhouses in Ireland can offer you! In terms of accommodation, the farmhouses are identical to the services of a B&B. Breakfast is offered every morning, and you will be able to taste the best local products of the region! In terms of comfort, the rooms are often spacious, equipped with recent bedding and a private bathroom!

Prices of an Irish farmhouse

On the price side, farmhouses generally cost between 40 and 60€ per night. These prices can be lowered if you wish to participate in the work of the farm (as these are not obligatory!). Always book in advance to avoid disappointment: this type of accommodation is in great demand in Ireland!

Here are the sites where you can discover them and make your reservation: