Electrical plug adapter in Ireland

Irish electrical plug adapter - © Shawn Hempelll
Irish electrical plug adapter - © Shawn Hempelll

In Ireland, current requires somewhat special electrical outlets, slightly different from those we know in France or elsewhere … If you ever want to travel to Ireland, you will sometimes have to use electrical devices (to recharge the battery of your phone for example), so you will need to invest in an electrical outlet adapter. History of leaving properly equipped, here are useful tips to be able to connect your devices safely.

The solution: an electrical plug adapter

Connect an adapter to your irish electrical outlet!

Electrical socket in Ireland are type G - © Golden Sikorka

Electrical socket in Ireland are type G – © Golden Sikorka

In Ireland, as in Great Britain, the power plugs are type G, and consist of 2 horizontal plugs and a vertical earth connection. A slightly different version of what is practiced in the rest of Europe!

And who says different plug, necessarily says different socket! This means that you will have to equip yourself with an essential plug adapter to be able to function in Ireland! Don’t panic, the solution lies in a small, practical and space-saving gadget that will allow you to use Irish electricity without having to reinvest in all of your equipment!

To connect your devices, all you have to do is invest in an adapter available in most DIY stores, as well as at airports. Be careful, however, to choose the right type of adapter: you will indeed need an adapter specifically dedicated to the current Irish and English (there are indeed other types of adapters, but specific for other countries, such as United States for example).

This adapter generally costs less than € 10 and is installed on the socket itself: you just have to plug in your device and “voila”! This type of adapter is completely secure: it is fitted with a fuse, which guarantees the reliability of the system.

Our little advice: do not hesitate to get this plug adapter before your stay in Ireland. Of course, you will also find some on site, but the price is generally a little higher (the law of supply and demand). You’ll be spoiled for choice in DIY stores or on the web. Note that there are also compatible sockets for the whole world: a way to equip yourself once, and to be able to take advantage of it for future trips! Count around fifteen euros for a complete solution, which will follow you for the years to come.