Easily find out about bus timetables in Ireland

A bus on the Irish roads - © Irina Fischer
A bus on the Irish roads - © Irina Fischer

It’s not always easy to disembark in Ireland and plan your trips in the country without knowing in advance the possible connections, prices, and schedules! In this situation, many people recommend going to the tourist offices, but you still need to be able to access them and not get stuck at the airport without knowing which bus to take to get there! Don’t panic: we have the solution for you! Numerous smartphone and tablet applications are here to help you organize your trip!

Free apps to travel without taking your head!

An app to travel all over Ireland with Eireann Bus

For those who want to move around Ireland, we recommend the company Bus Eireann, which offers connections throughout the country at attractive prices! The shuttles are numerous, and will allow you to connect the big cities as well as the most touristic corners!

For this, only one app: the Real Time Bus Éireann! Free and practical, it will allow you to :

  • to consult the different routes available during the day,
  • to know the schedules, the stops
  • to be informed in real time of any line delays.

The app exists under Android and may be of real use even before your stay to plan your trips upon your arrival.

An app to travel in the city of Dublin

If you wish to stay in Dublin City alone, you will certainly need to use the Dublin Bus. This local company, serves all the main arteries of the city at attractive prices.

To discover your travel options, don’t miss their app: the Next Bus Dublin Free. Free, and also under Androïd, it will allow you :

  • to find the most interesting connections to discover the city
  • to discover the nearest stop thanks to your GPS geolocalisation
  • to know the different schedules of each shuttle

The tool is clear and practical, easy to use. It is ideal for you to travel around Dublin without having to unfold your map of the city at every turn.

It is here to download it Next Bus Dublin Free.

Additional Appliances

For those who wish to take a bus from the airport, do not hesitate to download the Aircoach bus app. Ideal for getting to the city center, this app will give you the schedules of the different shuttles in no time. Very practical, especially when you don’t have time to lose!