If you wish to spend some time on the streets of Dublin, we recommend you use Dublin Bus, a public transport service that offers shuttle buses in the heart of the city centre. Dublin Bus mainly serves the city and the suburbs of Dublin for a reasonable fee. A rather nice service to keep your feet tired!

Dublin Bus Shuttle Services

Routes and types of buses

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Dublin Bus coaches serve most of the main arteries of the city, as well as its suburbs. Also, you won’t have too much difficulty to find a bus stop close to where you are .

Depending on the time of day or night, you can take different buses belonging to the company.

Each of its buses has its own routes and timetables: be careful to choose the right one… Here are the different Dublin Bus buses that you can find during your stay:

The airlinks buses

The AirLinks are buses that primarily connect Dublin International Airport and its stations to Dublin city centre. The journey is direct, and runs via routes 747 and 748, allowing you to reach the city in less than 25 minutes. The buses are spacious and specially equipped for travellers with large luggage and their shuttles are particularly regular to allow users to reach their planes/trains in optimal conditions .

On the price side, the fare is higher: count 6€ per person, and 3€ for children.

NiteLink Bus

The NiteLinks are night buses which serve the centre of Dublin and its outskirts from 12.20am to 4.20am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings . Rather practical, these buses avoid people too drunk to take the wheel and cause accidents. These buses are rather well laid out and comfortable and efficiently connect all the hot spots of the city.

On the price side, the fare is expensive: plan 5€ the trip…

Xpresso Bus

Not much time ahead of you and you want to get to your destination on time? The Xpresso Buses can get you to your destination in record time. These buses are express lines with a limited number of stops, widely used during peak hours (they are only in service in the morning, and in the evening, at the most saturated hours) . They will allow you to explore the city efficiently without fear of excessive traffic jams.

On the price side, plan 4€ per trip.

Schedules and Rates


The Dublin Bus operates Monday to Friday from 6am to 11.20pm . After this time, a night bus service called “Nitelink” will provide a shuttle service from 00:20 to 4:20 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

In terms of punctuality, the shuttles are not always on time, and require a little patience when traffic is most saturated… However, we recommend that you always get to the bus stop in advance, and stop the desired bus with a light wave of the hand, to make sure the driver has seen you.


As with all public transit, the fare varies depending on the destination station you wish to reach. For users who wish to take the bus several times during their stay, there are several options:

  • Day Ticket (unlimited journeys throughout the day)
  • Subscription for 3 days (unlimited journeys over 3 days)
  • Subscription for 7 days (unlimited journeys over 7 days)

Regarding the purchase of these tickets, you have several choices:

  • They can be picked up directly from Dublin Airport at the ticket offices provided for this purpose.
  • You can buy them at the Dublin Bus Centre on O’Connell Street
  • You can buy them directly on the bus

If you ever choose the third option, it is essential to pay the exact amount through a machine. Once the payment has been made, the driver will print your ticket and give it to you. If however the driver owes you change, a paper is printed and you will be able to get a refund when you get to the Dublin Bus centre…

If you are over 65 years of age, please note that all of your journeys will be generously offered to you…

Practical Information

  • Dublin Bus address: Dublin Bus Information Office – 59 Upper O’Connell Street – www.dublinbus.ie