Cycling in Dublin - Jonathon Hessian - cc

Discover Dublin by bike

Cycling in Dublin - Jonathon Hessian - cc

Do you want to get around Dublin, but not by bus, tram or traditional taxi? The capital city has everything you need: it offers you “Dublinbikes”, a kind of Velibs, which will allow you to move easily around the city! Simple, practical, and economical, as long as you are willing to pedal!

Getting around by bike in Dublin

The solution: Dublinbikes!

Renting a city bike is without doubt the cheapest transport in Dublin! It must be said that the city has been striving for several years to develop alternative, non-polluting transport. And it’s clear that the gamble has paid off!

Thus, the city is equipped with numerous stations where these famous bicycles are stored. Easy to handle, their reservation is simple: whatever the time of the day or night, you just have to reach a station, reserve your bike at the electronic terminal dedicated to this purpose, pay for the rental, and you will be able to move around on two wheels!

Better still, you can return it after your ride to the resort of your choice! No need to go back if you don’t need to!

Here is an overview of the prices:

  • 30 minutes: free
  • 1 hour: 0.50 eurocents
  • 2 hours: €1.50
  • 3 hours: 3,50€
  • 4 hours: 6,50€

More interesting prices than other means of transport in Dublin!

Note the possibility of buying a year-round card. It costs 20€, and allows you to use the Dublinbikes unlimited.


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