Cycling in Ireland

Cycling in Ireland - © Luca
Cycling in Ireland - © Luca

Notice to the eco-sportsmen who love sports holidays! Discovering Ireland by bike is a great way to get a healthy workout in the middle of fabulous landscapes! Feel like pedalling on the deserted roads of Connemara, the Burren or elsewhere? The routes are magnificent and look like no other, and will give you a magnificent glimpse of the most beautiful corners of Ireland! Want to find out more? Let’s get started!

The conditions for exploring Ireland by bike…

Essential Equipment

Travelling in Ireland does not only require a good physical condition, but also a very particular attention to the equipment you bring with you. Starting with the bike, which must be reliable and in excellent condition.

Of course, prefer a good mountain bike to a city bike, the former can adapt to all types of roads you will ride on the spot (the bad reputation of Irish roads is unfortunately proven)… It is also possible to rent one on the spot, or to take your own bike with you for a higher price on your plane ticket (same thing for the ferry)…

On the equipment side, it is also important to be able to cope with all possible and unimaginable situations (flat tyres, broken derailleur chain, falls, bad weather, etc.).

Also, we recommend that you carry in your rucksack the necessary items to prevent any possible breakage, so that you can repair your bike in no time at all and leave as dry as possible on the Irish roads. Here is a small checklist of the basic equipment you should have:


  • tools such as :
    • allen keys
    • a tyre changer
    • screwdrivers adapted to your mountain bike
    • a chain puller (with links)
    • a spoke wrench
  • a derailleur cable
  • an inner tube
  • an antitheft
  • spare bulbs for the front and rear lights of your ATV
  • bags to store your cards and papers

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • suitable clothing such as:
    • warm clothes (sweaters, jackets…etc.)
    • a windbreaker (against wind and rain)
    • a pair of waterproof gloves
    • a hat
    • thick socks
    • lighter clothing (in case of heat)
  • a large, comfortable backpack
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • a canteen
  • a first aid kit
  • a working mobile phone in Ireland in case of emergency

Prefer spring and summer!

As mentioned above, the weather in Ireland is particularly changeable, and it is possible to know the 4 seasons of the year in a single day… Might as well put all the chances on its side by minimizing the risks of bad weather! This is why we recommend that you take to the roads in Ireland between May and September.

The weather is milder, and will surely spare you the inconvenience of a stay spent cycling in the rain! Moreover, this will allow you to discover the Irish landscapes in the best conditions!