Flag of Connacht

The Connacht

Flag of Connacht

The Connacht (also called Connaught) is a province of Ireland located in the west of Ireland, comprising 5 counties (Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo). Very attached to the Gaelic culture, the province of Connacht is one of the only places where Gaelic is still spoken in some areas as it was before English was introduced in Ireland. The Connacht is a region very popular with tourists and is a particularly wild province, famous for its Connemara and peat bogs…

History of Knowledge

A tourist region with a busy past

The Connacht originated at the time of the first clan chiefs and the great royal families who were then fighting over the kingdoms of Ireland. The Connacht, was at that time one of the 5 kingdoms of Ireland, but also one of the smallest, with the Kingdom of Tara, the place where the supreme king of Ireland sat.

Over the centuries, Connacht has gradually developed, undergoing Viking Invasions, Norman Invasions, and the Great Famine.

Nowadays, the province of Connacht lives mainly from tourism, agriculture and fishing. It also has the Gaeltacht region, a remote area where the Irish speak only Gaelic, without ever practising English.

Visit the province of Connacht

Tourist sites abound!

The Connacht is made up of 5 counties:

  • county Galway,
  • the county of Leitrim,
  • mayo County,
  • the county of Roscommon
  • and Sligo County

Among these 5 counties, we advise you to discover the city of Galway, Connemara, or Achill Island, fabulous touristic places to know absolutely. But there are many more places to discover and explore, according to your desires!


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