Did you know that? Irish mountains and rivers have become the latest playground for sportsmen and thrill-seekers! They have given birth to a brand new sport, halfway between canyoning and climbing: coasteering! A fun sport that will get your adrenaline pumping!


Between climbing and water sports…

Coasteering is above all a well-equipped sport: a helmet and a wetsuit are compulsory before you set off on the steep rocky peaks and slippery rivers without hurting yourself or suffering from the cold!

It can be practiced from the age of 8, and is full of infinite possibilities! You will then have all the time you need to climb steep walls, jump into water holes, explore unsuspected caves, or dive into invigorating currents!

Torrents, waterfalls, cliffs, steep coastlines… there are plenty of places to have fun!

Coasteering NI lists all the sites in Northern Ireland suitable for this sport. But remember to always be careful, and preferably go with a guide specialised in this sport!