Climate and weather: when to go to Ireland?

Les Falaises de Moher - Vincent Moschetti - cc
Les Falaises de Moher - Vincent Moschetti - cc

Although Ireland is not the best place to sunbathe on a white sandy beach, the air is mild and invigorating due to its oceanic climate. This is why it is important to choose the right period to organize your trip to Ireland: the month you choose will determine the success of your stay, and the pleasure you will have there!

What are the ideal times to go to Ireland?

Spring and summer as ideal seasons!

In Ireland, spring and summer are the most favourable seasons for tourist stays. Specifically in May, June, July and August. This is the most touristy period: travellers enjoy a rather mild climate, sometimes hot, and the temperature never exceeds 27/28°C, even in the middle of August! You can thus enjoy a pleasant and sunny climate (even if you are not sheltered from a few showers!). Moreover, these seasons are ideal for attending the country’s biggest festivals, as well as its many concerts.
Nevertheless, expect a climate very close to the Breton weather, where it is never cold, nor fantastically hot! In short, something to enjoy without burning!

If the weather is neither hot nor cold, and you prefer to leave in a less touristy period, then September is ideal: you will be able to take advantage of a still very pleasant weather (of course punctuated by rain, but it is the case whatever the month chosen). At this time, the majority of tourists have left Ireland to face the new season. You will be quiet! Icing on the cake, it is the period of artistic events and many Irish theatres offer an interesting program!

What about fall and winter?

However, our recommendations do not mean that Ireland should be avoided during the autumn and winter! It is true that the climate is harsher, but the temperature is rather mild, and never falls below 0°C!

Moreover, these seasons are ideal to celebrate Samain (Halloween), or to spend the end of the year festivities! All you need to do is cover yourself up and you will soon let yourself be overwhelmed by the autumn and winter Irish charm!

Not forgetting, of course, the famous St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated on March 17 each year. An occasion not to be missed if you too have a taste for celebration! It must be said that in Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in excess, with jubilant crowds, parades in the streets, and of course crowded irish pubs!

The climate in Ireland

Month Temperatures Precipitation Notice
January between 2 and 11°C 60% Period not recommended
February between 3 and 10°C 52% Period not recommended
March between 4 and 11°C 44% Possible period with climatic inconveniences
April between 5 and 14°C 50% Possible period with climatic inconveniences
May between 8 and 15°C 63% Recommended period
June between 10 and 18°C 58% Recommended period
July between 11 and 27°C 70% Recommended period
August between 11 and 27°C 68% Recommended period
September between 11 and 22°C 45% Recommended period
October between 8 and 18°C 55% Possible period with climatic inconveniences
November between 5 and 12°C 55% Possible period with climatic inconveniences
December between 2 and 11°C 60% Possible period with climatic inconveniences