Cityjet - SuperJet International - cc
Cityjet - SuperJet International - cc

CityJet is an Irish airline, part of the Air France-KLM group. Based at numerous airports in Europe, CityJet connects most major European cities at costs equivalent to those of Air France. On the agenda: correct fares, for quality services…

History of CityJet

A newly created company

CityJet was founded in 1994 in the offices of the Irish city of Swords. CityJet soon became the official subsidiary of the Air France-KLM group and saw its aircraft sporting the colours of the French airline. CityJet then became the owner of the Belgian subsidiary VLM airlines, on behalf of Air France, and operates in many European airports.

CityJet is also the main operator of the London City network, and provides its passengers with 21 aircraft in the CityJetn colours to unload at up to 13 European destinations, including Amsterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), Brive (France), Deauville (France), Dublin (Ireland), Dundee (United Kingdom), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Jersey (Jersey), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Nantes (France), Paris-Orly (France) and Rotterdam (Netherlands).