Caving in Ireland

Caving in Ireland - © osrodfe1
Caving in Ireland - © osrodfe1

Are you a thrill seeker who is not put off by confined spaces? Then we advise you to try your hand at caving in Ireland, a very popular sport, which will allow you to discover the underground beauties of the Emerald Isle!

Caving : discover Ireland differently…

Sites to explore…

Ireland has many caves and underground galleries of unsuspected beauty. From small underground networks to gigantic caves punctuated with stalactites, Ireland’s geological wealth makes it a very popular place for caving enthusiasts. And with good reason! There are more than a dozen remarkable sites, including :

Prices vary according to the sites, but are around 20 to 30€ per person. The caving clubs in Ireland provide most of the equipment, and then guide you throughout the visit.

A sport open to all!

Unless you suffer from claustrophobia, caving is a sport accessible to all. However, it requires that you never go alone, and always call on an instructor who will accompany you to the heart of the Irish caves and its network of underground galleries. It is indeed easy to get lost!

However, bring clothes that are not afraid of getting dirty (caving is a rather dirty sport, to say the least!), as well as warm clothes (it’s a bit chilly downstairs!). For the rest, caving clubs will provide you with the rest of the equipment !