In Ireland, canoeing has a special place! Rich in adrenaline, it is above all for those who are not afraid of getting wet and who are not too cold! It must be said that Ireland alone is a real playground for this sport: its countless lakes are proof of this! Moreover, it is an excellent way to discover Ireland by waterways, while being sure to enjoy the sport!

Canoeing in Ireland

Where to go canoeing?

Although you can canoe almost anywhere in Ireland (unless there are specific regulations), the Lake District is undoubtedly the most interesting area for canoeing!

Located in the county of Fermanagh, the lake region offers many lakes and rivers, which will bring you adrenaline and thrills.

Among the most beautiful spots, we recommend Upper Lake and Lower Lake, as well as more than 154 islands to discover by force of arms! Enough to plunge into the heart of unsuspected beauties, of which only wild Ireland has the secret!

Cost of a rental from a nautical base

The Fermanagh region is full of water sports centres, where you can hire the necessary equipment. Canoeing, life jackets, paddles, helmet… A short briefing of 15 minutes will be enough to get you on track!

Whether you travel alone or accompanied (the water sports bases offer group excursions), count on about 45 to 80€ for a half-day canoe trip.

Be careful however not to venture into corners where the rapids are too violent: don’t hesitate to start off gently, without ever compromising your safety! Also, always respect the safety instructions given by your instructor: you will enjoy the ride all the more!