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Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries - Mike Cattell - cc

For those who wish to leave with their car then the ferry solution is all there is to it! Brittany Ferries is a ferry company that operates ferries to Ireland. Brittany Ferries is a ferry company that operates ferries to Ireland, Ireland and the UK…

Departure with Brittany Ferries

Cruise with your vehicle to Cork!

Brittany Ferries is one of Ireland’s leading return ferry companies. There is only one route, Roscoff – Cork, with one departure per week.

So you can embark on Friday evening in Roscoff, to reach Cork on Saturday morning, after a night’s crossing. The boat, very well equipped, will offer you a comfortable and pleasant crossing. There is the possibility to eat on the spot, and to benefit from a catering and coffee service on board.

The crossing can be done with your car on board, but the price is more expensive (Count about 100 euros for the outward journey with your car and a passenger). Nevertheless, the cost of the crossing is often lower than that of a car rental on the spot! (Especially since your steering wheel will remain on the left, unlike Irish cars! This is an opportunity for you to test left-hand drive without being too disturbed)).

The company is rather interesting and offers attractive prices. However, be careful to book your tickets as early as possible: the earlier you book, the better your chances of saving money. Routes can be booked online on the Brittany Ferries website.

You should also be careful to arrive early for boarding, as ferries require passengers to arrive several hours before departure to ensure that all passengers and vehicles can be boarded efficiently.