An irish bog

Derrygimlagh Bog - Dermot O'Halloran - cc
Derrygimlagh Bog - Dermot O'Halloran - cc

A Bog is a typically Irish expression, which simply refers to a peat bog. Essential, this term, often evoked in the guides, will allow you to admire its strange swampy expanses … Be careful though: they are protected, and it is easy to get stuck in them!

The Bogs

Ireland, a country of peat bogs!

In Ireland, peat bogs are very important ecosystems, which guarantee the natural balance of the environment.

The Irish also have the habit of exploiting them in order to extract peat. This peat is ideal for low-cost heating, with wood stoves or fireplaces.

If you pass by a peat bog, it’s not uncommon to come across Irish people in the middle of extracting this precious fuel! Unfortunately, some peat bogs are endangered due to their intensive exploitation. A real ecological problem nowadays, which is growing with time…