Bog-snorkelling - Visit Britain - cc


Bog-snorkelling - Visit Britain - cc

If you like atypical sports, rich in thrills, then we advise you to experience bog-snorkelling, a brand new practice, which is very successful in Ireland! Its principle is simple: it is above all a race of speed, which is carried out in the very heart of a marshy bog! A bit dirty, you might say, but the Irish love it!


A sport immersed in the bogs!

Bog-snorkelling is most often practiced in swimsuits, wetsuits, flippers, masks and snorkels. They must then reach the finish line as quickly as possible, without making any classic swimming movements.

But the level of difficulty can increase! So don’t be surprised if you find participants equipped with lead weighted bikes: they must then progress with their machine through the muddy water! It’s enough to spice up the competition!

In Ireland, this original sport is very popular in the Galway region. It must be said that the county is rich in peat bogs and a fabulous playground for the participants! Don’t hesitate to attend this kind of sporting event: you will be able to encourage the participants, and even dive into the bog if you feel like it!


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