Backcountry camping in Ireland

Backcountry camping in Ireland - ivankmit
Backcountry camping in Ireland - ivankmit

In Ireland, one is quickly tempted to pitch one’s tent in the middle of nature to enjoy the magnificent local landscapes. It is seductive: to stand up in front of a mountain in Connemara, or in front of the sea: we all want to try the experience! Unfortunately, wilderness camping is highly regulated in Ireland: it is forbidden, unless special permission is granted… We tell you more in our article!

The Irish wilderness camping

A temptation that can be very expensive!

In Ireland, you can’t pitch your tent to go camping in the wild like that. The country wants to be very strict, and the police will not hesitate to impose fines for any offence of this kind. (Not to mention the fact that it’s forbidden to make fire in the Irish wilderness…)

Admittedly, many of them do slip through the cracks at times. It must be said that Ireland has some deserted spots and the temptation is there… But we clearly advise you not to try it. It could spoil your holiday (fines are expensive).

Moreover, some wild places can be dangerous for wild camping. Starting with beaches, or even peat bogs, which could present strong risks for your safety. Also, the changing weather conditions in Ireland can make it difficult for you to stay overnight if you are not in a proper campsite.

Far be it from us to break the fun at home, but it’s better to be careful.

All the more so as there are thousands of campsites in Ireland, many of which have a magnificent setting (with beach, views of the Atlantic, mountains…etc.). All this for a very affordable price. Similarly, there are “refuges” for certain tourist places with mountains: it is possible to sleep there, provided you ask beforehand (not all of them are open, and this varies according to the season).