Youth Hostel in Ireland

A Youth Hostel - Barnacles Budget Accommodation - cc
A Youth Hostel - Barnacles Budget Accommodation - cc

Little money in front of you, and you don’t like camping? You rather have an adventurous spirit and like the easy contact with other travellers? A youth hostel is a good solution for a dry sleep, and a good night’s sleep at a low cost… provided of course that you enjoy community life, with the right level of comfort!

Sleeping in hostels in Ireland

A type of accommodation adapted to tight budgets!

A Youth Hostel - Barnacles Budget Accommodation - cc

A Youth Hostel – Barnacles Budget Accommodation – cc

The youth hostel solution is generally aimed at young people as well as at people who do not want to spend the night in hotels.

This rather flexible and practical formula offers a more limited quality of welcome than a B&B or a hotel, and ensures only the bare minimum.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to have a roof over their head! In addition, the hostels have modernized a lot in recent years: and nowadays you can enjoy a very pleasant comfort, which will allow you to have a great night’s sleep!

Today, most youth hostels in Ireland now offer comfortable beds, shower facilities, wifi, laundry service, shared kitchen and more.

How does a youth hostel work?

A cohabitation understood with the other customers of the establishment

As a reminder, the hostels operate on a community basis. That is to say that the establishment has the choice. You can thus:

  • book a single room
  • share a room with 4 to 6 beds
  • share a dormitory, equipped with about ten beds

Of course, the rate for a single room will be higher than for the other options. Please note that you will be able to book community rooms for your group of friends, or your family…

As for single people who do not want a single room, you will be able to opt for the dormitory solution.

As for common living areas, most Irish youth hostels usually offer a games room, a lounge area, a communal kitchen where you can cook your own meals.

These are often lively places, where the atmosphere is fun, conducive to meetings, exchanges and festive evenings. This is a plus for travellers wishing to meet new people and make new friends!

As far as reservations are concerned, we once again advise you to book in advance. Please note that there are 2 types of hostels: public and private hostels… The services and prices vary from one to the other, but on the whole, you will most likely have a great time.

Don’t hesitate to contact them in advance: the managers are generally very welcoming and are very flexible for their clients. The icing on the cake: they even offer themed evenings directly within the hostel, and can also advise you on the must-see places to visit not far from their establishment!