An Aircoach bus in front of Dublin Airport - Canadian Pacific - cc

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An Aircoach bus in front of Dublin Airport - Canadian Pacific - cc

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Aircoach is a bus company in Dublin, Greystones, Belfast and Cork, specialising in journeys between airports and city centres. Operating 24 hours a day, it offers shuttle buses every 15 minutes, at prices to suit all budgets.

The Aircoach company

For long and short distances

Aircoach is a bus company founded in 1999 by John O’Sullivan, a former Eireann bus employee. Now sold to FirstGroup, the company has almost 80 transport vehicles.

The company has the advantage of being located at the exit of Dublin, Belfast and Cork airports. It offers day and night service to major stations in the Irish city centres without having to wait too long. So, count about 15 minutes between each shuttle: a flexibility that will avoid excessive waiting times!

The journey will cost you an average of €8 per person, and will allow you to travel quickly to your accommodation. The buses themselves are modern and comfortable, equipped to accommodate your luggage of any size in dedicated compartments.


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