Aer Lingus

An Aer Lingus plane - Ozzy Delaney - cc
An Aer Lingus plane - Ozzy Delaney - cc

Aer Lingus is an Irish airline offering flights ranging from domestic to international. Aer Lingus is an Irish airline offering flights ranging from domestic to international. Aer Lingus regularly flies shoulder to shoulder with its direct competitor Ryanair and is a company that is particularly appreciated by its travellers for the quality of its service. Here is a small overview of your possibilities with this company.

History of Aer Lingus

A rising company…

Aer Lingus - Heads Up Aviation - cc

Aer Lingus – Heads Up Aviation – cc

Aer Lingus Teoranta (full name) was founded in 1936 by Blackpool and West Coast Air Service. It is named after Richard F. O’Connor, a great aviation enthusiast. It is in fact an Anglicized name that has its origins in Aer Loingeas, a Gaelic term meaning “fleet of aircraft”. The company then opened its first air service between Dublin and Bristol.

In the years that followed, Aer Lingus moved into the newly built Dublin Airport (this is the current airport) in January 1940. Over the next 30 years, air connections grew rapidly and the company soon began operating Dublin-Paris flights, as well as attempting to negotiate long-haul transatlantic flights with the United States.

In 1965, the company once again changed the appearance of its aircraft, this time incorporating a cloverleaf on the tail of the aircraft, making it a true official logo, symbolising both the company and its Irish nationality.

In the years that followed Aer Lingus grew considerably, acquiring many 737s and creating new routes, including a Belfast/New York, which was quickly put on standby due to the North Irish conflict. The company then made huge profits, and began to hinder some competitors in the early 2000s. On 5 October 2006, Ryanair, a competing low-cost airline, offered to buy the company for 1.48 billion euros. This proposal was immediately rejected by the Irish airline.

The deadly attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States dealt a heavy blow to Aer Lingus, which saw its customer base grow strongly. The considerable drop in activity leads the company to lay off many employees and to the resale of many aircraft.
In order to get out of this situation, Aer Lingus undertook to review its commercial strategy. It decides to resell all of its aircraft and to acquire only Airbus aircraft. This choice offers them a significant reduction in training and maintenance costs. In addition, the company decides to refocus its flight offers on destinations covering mainly Europe, making its routes more economical.

Nowadays, the Irish airline has managed to turn the bar around and is one of the brands offering flights that are recognised for their comfort and quality. The fares are attractive.

Choosing a flight with Aer Lingus

Our Advice

Aer Lingus - ERIC SALARD - cc

Aer Lingus – ERIC SALARD – cc

Aer Lingus offers long-haul flights as well as European routes, mainly to Ireland. Aer Lingus is a smart choice if you are flying from a European country to Ireland’s major cities.

It is advisable to book your ticket a few months in advance. This will allow you to benefit from a ticket with a lower fare than if you took it a few days before your departure. This golden rule generally applies to all airlines, whatever they may be: the earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper it will be. Aer Lingus is no exception.

Also, you may end up with a person next to you who has not necessarily paid the same fare as you did for the flight. It’s all about anticipation, so if your budget is tight enough.

It is not uncommon for Aer Lingus to offer exceptional offers on a regular basis. In fact, the ticket price will be lower than usual. If you are interested in this type of offer, please remember that airport taxes must be added to the price, which may increase the overall cost of your ticket.

To make your reservations or simply discover the services of Aer Lingus, you can visit the official website of the company. Please note that the airline offers standard options, like most of its competitors. You will be able to travel with cabin baggage, or opt for checked baggage.
Please note that Aer Lingus serves most airports in the country, such as Dublin or Cork airports.

Destinations Covered by Aer Lingus to Ireland…
City of Departure City of Arrival
  • Dublin
  • Dublin
  • Dublin
Paris Charles-de-Gaulles