Wondefull Barn - Bart Busschots - cc

Wonderfull Barn

Wondefull Barn - Bart Busschots - cc

One of the attractions in Leixlip is the Wondefull Barn, a sort of big corkscrew-shaped tower. Built in 1743, this strange and picturesque tower was once used as a granary to store food and local grain crops. It is possible to visit it, and offers a superb panorama of Leixlip!

Visit the Wonderfull Barn

A tower with strange architecture!

The Wonderfull Barn is nothing more than an 18th century grain silo. Built in the middle of the village of Leixlip, it is located near an Irish farm and offers a rather atypical sight with its convolutions and its spiral staircase!

Situated on the grounds of Castletown House, the Wonderfull Barn is 22 metres high and has a conical shape, which narrows as it progresses towards the sky. Its spiral staircase seems to defy logic. In fact, the tower has been considered an architectural madness from the start!

The tower is free to visit and you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Leixlip and the Castletown House estate from the top. Don’t hesitate to visit the Wonderfull Barn, which is the nicest sightseeing spot in the village!

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Address Address: on the grounds of Castletown House in Leixlip.
Lieu : (County Dublin)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.358430,-6.508200

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