The Wicklow Mountains

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The Wicklow Mountains (or Wicklow Mountains) is an Irish mountain range, located in County Wicklow, within the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Its highest mountain, Lugnaquilla, peaks at 925 metres above sea level, making it a real landmark for hikers and rock climbers.

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Wild, beautiful, pure nature

The Wicklow Mountains are famous for the beauty of their scenery, as well as their tourist interest. Rich in footpaths and walking routes, the area is ideal for walking and enjoying the scenery. There are beautiful stone barrens, bogs and quiet lakes such as Upper Lake.

Generally speaking, the Wicklow mountains are very popular, especially with Dubliners looking for a change of scenery. With more than a million visitors each year, the site attracts not only for its sporting activities (hiking, cycling, climbing, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and horseback riding), but also for its remarkably preserved natural and historical sites.

Among the places to see, we especially recommend :

  • The monastery of Glendalough: founded in the 6th century, it was one of the high places of Christian life in Ireland. Partly in ruins, the site is one of the best known in the country.
  • The Powerscourt Waterfall: this waterfall is breathtaking, and offers an ideal spot for a stopover or a picnic.
  • The Wiclow Way – a 129 kilometre marked walking route that crosses the Wicklow Mountains from one side to the other.

Be careful though: the Wicklow Mountains are in a protected nature park. There are no refuges, drinking water points or rubbish bins. Don’t hesitate to equip yourself with the necessary equipment before setting off to discover the area (with rubbish bags to avoid polluting the area). Also, don’t hesitate to ask for permission from the Visitor Centre if you want to fish or swim: some lakes are forbidden to any activity, and fines can be heavy if you break their rules (the Irish do not joke about the preservation of their natural parks).

The Wicklow Mountains
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Address Address:
dans le Parc National des Monts de Wicklow, près de la R759 ou de la R115

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
53.081856, -6.393902
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