The Upper Lake is an Irish lake located in the hollow of a valley in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. The area is very wild, and very popular with visitors, who like to walk along its shores… It must be said that the area is exceptional, and even has a world-famous archaeological site: the monastery of Glendalough, an archaeological site founded in the 6th century!

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A wild lake with dark and legendary waters

The Upper Lake is one of the only lakes in the National Park, along with the Lower Lake. They both surround the mountainous massif of the Wicklow Mountains, and thus stretch over the whole valley in a striking spectacle…

Their aspect changes particularly during the day, or according to the climate: the lake can sometimes take on azure tints in good weather, and take on a dark and deep color in stormy weather…

Fishermen should be prepared: even if the lake is tempting, it is forbidden to fish there (except with exceptional authorization from the organization in charge of the protection of the Wicklow Mountains National Park).

The shores of the lake can be explored essentially on foot, the Park forbidding any use of vehicle to better preserve the area. The hike is rather nice, especially since you will cross on your way the famous monastery of Glendalough, a religious complex of the 6th century, particularly well preserved… On the program, ruined monastery, round tower and tombstones engraved with Celtic interlacing and crosses… A pure wonder!

Its visit is free and really worth it: it is a high tourist place for the Irish heritage!

Upper Lake
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in the Wicklow Mountains National Park.

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53.003220, -6.367265
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