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Tully Castle is a ruined castle in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Built near the village of Blaney, the building appears as a rectangular fortified house, which could not resist the ravages of time. A magnificent castle with a picturesque charm!

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A castle ravaged by the Irish Rebellions

Tully Castle is believed to have been built in 1619 by the Protestant Sir John Hume, a wealthy Scottish planter who ruled the area’s plantations. Originally the castle had four rectangular corner towers.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by arson: while the country was in the midst of an Irish Rebellion in 1641, the castle was besieged by Rory Maguire, an Irishman wishing to reclaim his land. To do so, he stormed the building, murdered the Protestant inhabitants of the castle, and burned the building down.

According to the writings, these actions were of great atrocity: at that very moment, more than 60 women and 15 men lived in the castle. All of them were killed.

Nowadays, the castle has remained as it is. Magnificent with its ruins, some parts of its architecture have remained intact. A godsend for lovers of Irish medieval history!

Tully Castle
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