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Dublin, (County Dublin)

Impossible to miss it: Trinity college is the only university of Dublin which is open to the public. Recognized for the quality of its education, as well as for the rare books jealously protected in its library, this school is a real institution. It welcomes thousands of visitors every year, and offers numerous courses to students from all over the world.

Trinity College history

A prestigious university opened in 1592 by Elisabeth the First

Considered one of the best universities in Europe, Trinity College has enjoyed a prestigious reputation for centuries. Opened in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth the first, the Dublin school would have welcomed many talented students, as well as great names in Irish history such as Theobald Wolfetone and the writer Samuel Beckett.

Initially, the university allowed access only to Protestant students and then began to tolerate the presence of Catholics in 1793. At that time only men were admitted to the school, and it was not until 1904 that women could access its teaching.

Since the founding Trinity College was particularly selective, accepting within its walls only the elite, and the most promising students. The courses offered were as diverse as they were varied, and each student was promised to a bright future career.

Over the centuries, the university gradually expanded, building new buildings designed to offer more courses to a greater number of students. (This is the reason why you might discover very old buildings, as well as very modern ones.)

Trinity College today is still prestigious: it provides 13,000 Irish and international students with the most comprehensive education possible each year. Because of its history, it also welcomes thousands of visitors, who came to discover the school, as well as the treasures of its library (which the Book of Kells is part).

Visit Trinity College

Main courtyard

Access to Trinity College is quite easy if you are in Dublin itself. Located in the city center, opposite to the Old Irish Houses of Parliament (now in the hands of the Bank of Ireland).

Then you can discover the main courtyard of Trinity, with its bell tower and old Victorian style buildings in. Note that the university extends on several hectares and even has some buildings slightly off-center. You can then visit:

The old library and the long room

The Old Library at Trinity College preserves particularly old rare books on 2 floors.

Some books here even date from the 15th century!
Don’t miss Brian Boru’s harp, which is displayed on the left in the library: this object is a true archaeological wonder! In addition, the library is famous to be the home of the stunning Book of Kells, a medieval manuscript, considered as a historical treasure.
Lastly you must know that there is a shop where you can bring back a little souvenir from Trinity (t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, books, etc.).

Trinity College
Practical information

Address Address:
Dublin city-center in front of the old Parliament

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53.343808, -6.254574

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Access to the website
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8€ for the Old Library and the Book Of Kells

Opening hoursOpening hours:

from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm

Trinity College : the map

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