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Titanic Slipways: This is the name given to the Titanic’s former slipways. Located in Belfast in the Titanic Quarter near the shipyard, they have been restored as they were at the time and include a memorial with the names of those who perished during the sinking of the infamous Titanic. A place steeped in history, to be visited to better understand how the presumed unsinkable liner was launched!

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In Belfast, we are proud of the historic slipways, which made it possible to launch the Titanic. For it was here, in the middle of Belfast, that the Titanic was built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard at the request of the White Star Line.

The “Titanic Slipways” is therefore the exact spot where the Titanic was built and launched for the first time. A place steeped in history, to be discovered as you descend the slipway to imagine the original size of the liner.

You can then imagine the dimensions of the upper deck, the width and length of the Titanic… An opportunity to see how big the designers of the time saw!

These holds were also an opportunity for Belfast to demonstrate all its naval industrial genius at the time: the city was considered a pioneer in liner construction. The Titanic shipyard had thus mobilized more than 14,000 men, all of them essentially Irish. The size and innovations of the ship had then made the inhabitants proud!

It should be noted that nowadays, these holds house a small memorial garden: 4 stretches of lawns alternate with wooden floors. It is here that the victims of the shipwreck are honoured: the names of the dead are inscribed on glass walls. The memorial has a grave charm charged with emotion.

The holds of Belfast should be visited to better understand the history of the city, and of the presumed unsinkable liner. Note that in the evening, the holds are illuminated with leds over an impressive distance: this brings a touch of modernity to the site… while preserving its attachment to its History!

If you wish to continue your discovery of the Titanic’s history, don’t forget to visit the Titanic Belfast Experience, Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House, or the SS Nomadic. These 3 tourist attractions are located just a stone’s throw from the holds, in the same area! And believe us: it’s worth it!

Titanic Slipways
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Titanic Quarter, Belfast

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54.609443, -5.909106

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45 minutes
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