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The Belfast Titanic Experience is a museum based in Belfast, totally dedicated to the Titanic, from his conception to his shipwreck. This last opens his doors on the 31 March 2012, and expect to propose more than 450000 visitors each years, an unforgettable experience, who will brings you in the heart of the irish boat!
Discover his story, from his build to the tragical circumstances of his shipwreck, until the acts of courage from some passengers…
A beautiful museum, wich is came from our heart stroke if you are on the Belfast coast!

Visiting Titanic Belfast Experience

A huge museum to the glory of the ocean liner

The Titanic Belfast Experience - Miss Copenhagen - cc

The Titanic Belfast Experience – Miss Copenhagen – cc

A museum who’s giving life again to the Titanic! Imagine yourself in the heart of this boat, to go down the grand staircases, to place yourself in front of the command post bar, and discover the rooms of first and second classes…

Such are the breathtaking attractions that the museum of the Belfast Titanic Experience intends to offer to you.
The giant establishment revisiting the complet history of the boat, from his build in the North of Ireland on the shipyard from « Harland and Wolf » company, until his launch, and throw his terrible shipwreck in April 1912, after the collision of an iceberg, who brings the death of 1500 persons.

The museum is wonderful, and doesn’t skimp on their ways. He propose life-size models, videos, documentaries, or also some rare objects found after the shipwreck. The visit is breahtaking, and will give you the impression to litteraly going inside the entrails of the boat.

Titanic Belfast Experience - PLACE Architecture Centre - cc

Titanic Belfast Experience – PLACE Architecture Centre – cc

You will discover the strong stories of the shipwreck : the musicians playing on the first floor until the last moment, acts of bravery and generosity from some passengers, until tragedic death of Captain Smith, confronting the waters in front of his command bar.

So some dramatic stories, charged by emotions who seems came from the past.

Don’t hesitate to reserve entry tickets on the website of the museum : they also will avoid you to wait on the site, and also permet you to keep some money compared to the price on the site.

Titanic Belfast Experience
Practical information

Address Address:
Queens Rd - Belfast

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
54.608083, -5.909694

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:

Web siteWeb site:
Access to the website
PricesPrices :

17,50£ per adulr | 7,25£ per child

Opening hoursOpening hours:

every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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