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Threecastles is an Irish castle in County Wicklow. Built in the 14th century, it takes its name from the existence of 2 other castles that stood nearby, forming a third castle. Although nowadays there is no trace of the 2 other constructions, Threecastles Castle is a castle as we like it, in ruins, and with a typical charm, lost in the Irish moor!

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A castle located near Blessington Lake

The building is in the form of an Anglo-Norman square tower. Composed of 3 floors, and a turret to the northeast, its exterior condition is still remarkable. Located in a field, near a road, it is easy to park there to admire it.

You can discover a superb vaulted door, which protects the interior of the castle, unfortunately inaccessible to visitors. You can therefore only go around it from the outside. Nevertheless, the building is impressive, and remains a very beautiful example of 14th century architecture, when Ireland was at the heart of the Irish-British conflict. In the past, it was the site of many sieges and was the battleground for clans of Irish and Anglo-Norman clans determined to impose themselves on Irish soil.

Threecastles Castle
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Near Blessington Lakes

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53.181769, -6.487358
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