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The Royal Irish Academy

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Royal Irish Academy Building - KarenRIA - cc

Informations about The Royal Irish Academy

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : 19 Dawson St, Dublin 2

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The Royal Irish Academy is considered a learned society. Based on Dawson Street in Dublin, Ireland, it is said to have been founded in 1785 by a community of scientists, writers and artists. Today, this organization is still active and many visitors come to its headquarters to admire its architecture, attend conferences and discover its impressive library!

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The headquarters of Irish sages and intellectuals

The Royal Irish Academy moved to 19 Dawson Street in Dublin in 1951. It is housed in a magnificent building, built around 1750, famous for its remarkable architecture, its plaster decorations, as well as for its reception hall, designed in 1854 by Fredrick Villiers Clarendon.

Nowadays, the building has not moved. It is primarily used as a venue for conferences, art exhibitions, but also for fiery public debates. It is in these places that great subjects are discussed: scientific studies, literature, art, philosophy, politics… The Royal Irish Academy is the landmark of the great Irish intellectuals. We love to exchange, debate and learn.

The academy is ultra famous for its magnificent library: it has an incredible collection of books and manuscripts, some dating back several centuries. Among them are medieval manuscripts, such as the famous “Annals of the Four Masters”, considered a masterpiece of Irish History.

Note that some books are even exhibited in the National Museum of Ireland, also located in Dublin. Their value, totally priceless, well deserved to be valued in a museum like this one!

Note that the academy cannot be visited like that. It is above all an academy, and not a tourist place. One can only enter it on condition that one participates in a conference, an exhibition, or any other event directly related to the organization.

A magnificent place nevertheless, to be known, if only for its historical and intellectual value!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: 19 Dawson St, Dublin 2
Location: (County Dublin)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 53.340746,-6.258110
Gaelic name: Acadamh Ríoga na hÉireann

Web siteWeb site : Go to the website


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