The Caha Pass

The Caha Pass - © Luis
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Glengariff, (County Cork)

The Caha Pass is a main road connecting Kenmare and Glengarriff. It is the one that allows to make the famous “Ring of Beara”, a circuit that allows to explore the Beara Peninsula (Co. Cork) from one end to the other. Very popular with travelers, this route offers incredible views of the great Irish wilderness. It winds along the peaks, and offers breathtaking views of Bantry Bay and Glengarriff. A road to do absolutely, taking care to stop at the various viewpoints to enjoy the show even more.

Make the Caha Pass

A road that crosses the Caha Mountains on the Beara Peninsula

Ring of Beara - © Luis

Ring of Beara – © Luis

The Caha Pass is located along the N71. Straddling 2 counties (Co. Cork and Co. Kerry), this road crosses the Beara Peninsula, to offer you the most beautiful panoramas. Lovers of wide open spaces and wilderness will appreciate: there are countless mountains (belonging to the Caha range), as well as lakes (such as Glanmore lake), and views of the coast.

The relief is sometimes vertiginous. And the road itself quickly becomes spectacular: especially the tunnels dug in the mountains! A real pleasure to pass underneath!

Note that the landscapes never offer the same face: they change according to the light, the sun, the rain, or the wind, taking tones sometimes serious, sometimes lighter. The colors are magnificent and go in an instant from bright green to brown for the mountains, from deep blue to gray for the lakes, and the beaches bring a nice summer touch!

Sometimes, the fog adds an even more authentic atmosphere, and it is even better when the sun comes and dazzles the clouds and mountains with a few rays!

Enough to draw your camera for every occasion!

Good to know: the road can be quite popular in summer. Also, prefer a period or times when the circuit is less busy: you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet, and the beauty of the place will be even more delicious! (bet on the morning, except weekends).

Note that the road is rather in good condition, even if it has some narrower passages, which will require your vigilance (beware of the buses, rather bulky. Note that sheeps like to annoy tourists by staying in the middle of the road: be patient: it is part of the charm of Irish roads).

Practical informations

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Address Address: N71, Lyre, Co. Cork
Lieu : (County Cork)

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