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If you are in Belfast and traveling with more than 5 or 6 people, for a bachelor or bachelorette party, then a Wee Toast Tour beer bike adventure is worth considering. The concept is great and unusual: it will allow you to discover Belfast on board a giant bike, accommodating about 15 people… All of them will have to pedal to walk around the city, and will have the possibility to have a drink at the same time – the bike being equipped with bar counters!

Visiter Belfast with Beer Bike

A cool and original way to explore the streets of Belfast!

If you’re not a tourist bus person, and you don’t want to walk for hours in Belfast, the Beer Bike solution is for you! It will allow you to explore the Northern Irish city in an unusual way, by pedaling together, drinking and singing at the top of your voice, in a pub-like atmosphere!

You’ll pass by the city’s major landmarks: downtown Belfast, Opera House, City Hall, Albert Memorial Clock… All the while having fun and building up your calves!

There is also a variation that takes you through the famous Cathedral Quarter, the city’s most popular and lively area, which is full of great sights.

Beer Boke bikes are pedal-powered, so get your legs ready! Each bike can carry up to 15 people, but you’ll need at least 8 of you to navigate the city streets. You can reserve one or more spots and the organization will connect you with other friendly travelers. If you have more than 15 people, you should plan to reserve two or more bikes.

Each bike is led by a guide who will give you, with a sense of humor, all the information you need to better discover the city and know the anecdotes about certain places.

Please note that all food and refreshments are to be consumed at the counter during the ride and must be brought by yourself. Wee Toast Tours does not provide food or service.

Allow one to two hours for the tour. The whole thing is done in a festive and good-natured atmosphere, conducive to meeting people, laughing, and human warmth. A great experience, far from the beaten track, that will make you sing and enjoy the city in a different way!

These tours depart from downtown Belfast and must be booked in advance with the organizing company: Wee Toast Tours.

The Belfast beer bike
Practical information

Address Address:
Spencer House, 65-67 Royal Avenue, Belfast

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
54.60110195449761, -5.931136930738869

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