The Ballaghbeama Gap

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The Ballaghbeama Gap is a wild mountain pass, located right on the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. Although the place is exceptional, it has the advantage of being rather unknown to tourists, who generally prefer it to the Ring of Kerry. But don’t be mistaken: the Ballaghbeama Gap is a real wild treasure. It must be said that it crosses the mountains in the middle of the magnificent Iveragh peninsula. This road is isolated, preserved and seems almost from another world!

Visit Ballaghbeama Gap

A mountain pass with landscapes of incredible majesty

The Ballaghbeama Gap is located between Blackwater and Glencar in County Kerry, a beautiful and wild area! The area can be discovered by car, on foot or by bike, but beware: the road is steep and requires some endurance!

Here is the time needed to cross the pass:

  • car: about 1 hour with regular stops to admire the view (30 minutes if you go without stopping).
  • bike: about 1 hour 30 minutes, with frequent breaks to catch your breath.

Crucial info: there is almost no phone reception at the Ballaghbeama Gap. Even if you have the latest smartphone, it will not help you to find your way around. So, we recommend you to always travel accompanied, and to always tell someone close to you about your trip there.

A winding road through rugged landscapes

Let’s face it: the Ballaghbeama Gap is a rather quiet place, far from the fervor of the Ring of Kerry. The road is often deserted, which adds a real charm to the place.

Nevertheless, the road to take winds its way through the mountains. It is sometimes bad, particularly narrow and you will have to park in some places if you meet an oncoming car. But don’t worry, you will have enough visibility to see a vehicle approaching.

The road, although narrow, allows you to maneuver comfortably… even if some sheep come to invite themselves on your way!

The highest point, at the top of Ballaghbeama Gap, offers an exceptional view of the Iveragh Peninsula. A parking area is specially dedicated to offer you a real break, with an incredible view.

A great moment, which will give you the impression of being lost in a landscape unchanged for centuries!

The Ballaghbeama Gap
Practical information

Address Address:
Ballaghbeama Gap, Curragh Beg

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
51.9842118180331, -9.868784444308089
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  • every day

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