St Patrick’s Tower

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St. Patrick’s Tower is a tower located in the heart of downtown Dublin. Easy to identify, it is an old windmill, which was built to supply ingredients to the Roe’s whiskey distillery on Thomas Street. Its origins date back to 1757, but the building was rebuilt in 1815. Although inactive today, it is an icon of Dublin’s historic whiskey production.

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A historic tower in the heart of Dublin

St Patrick’s Tower is an iconic building in Dublin. Located in the Liberties district, the headquarters of the Guinness brewery and distilleries, the place powered the Roe & Co Irish Whiskey Distillery until 1860, when it was abandoned, in favor of steam.

St Patrick’s Tower owes its official name to St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. A statue of him is placed at the top of the tower, above an imposing light green copper dome.

The mill was once used to grind the ingredients for the production of whiskey at the Roe distillery. At that time, George Roe ran the distillery, which was probably the largest in the world!

The advent of prohibition in America, coupled with other global factors, eventually wiped out much of Roe’s business. In the mid 1920’s the distillery ceased production and the company was dissolved in the 1940’s…

Fortunately, the distillery is now back in business (and open to the public!). We warmly recommend you to visit it, fascinating and instructive).

The St Patrick’s Tower is still in place, although unused. It is one of the historical monuments of the city, and remains one of the symbols of Dublin, in terms of heritage and history. It is a place that evokes several centuries of Irish whiskey production know-how.

Unfortunately, the tower is not open to the public at the moment. It is also owned by the Digital Hub, a group of technology, digital media and internet companies.

But don’t be disappointed. You can contemplate it all the time you want by walking on Thomas Street… or better, by going for a pint at the top of the Guinness Storehouse, at the Gravity Bar, on a panoramic terrace overlooking the tower! You can usually have a free pint there, after visiting the Guinness Storehouse. Don’t miss the experience: it’s simply magical!

St Patrick’s Tower
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Address Address:
10/13 Thomas Street at The Digital Hub, Roe Ln, Usher's Island, Dublin

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53.344058198203705, -6.284097959277625

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