St. Patrick's Church of Newry - Cmcgrath62 - cc

St Patrick’s Church in Newry

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St. Patrick's Church of Newry - Cmcgrath62 - cc

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Down (Northern Ireland)
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Built in 1578, St Patrick’s Church is a protestant church located in the countryside of Newry, in the middle of green and flowery meadows. A small paradise for lovers of 16th century architecture!

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A small church dating from the 16th century

St. Patrick's Church of Newry - Cmcgrath62 - cc

St. Patrick’s Church of Newry – Cmcgrath62 – cc

Commissioned by Nicolas Bagenal in 1578, the church of Newry is still in a beautiful state. Regularly restored and maintained, it is still in use and welcomes every week Protestants from the region.

Built on a Latin cross plan, it has a main bell tower, a nave and 2 transepts. The stained-glass windows inside perfectly soften the daylight, giving an atmosphere of contemplation and silence.

Don’t miss the small cemetery next to the church: the Celtic crosses are numerous and magnificent… Some tombs are very old, and date back to the origins of the church!

It is of course possible to visit the interior of the church free of charge in order to better admire its architecture.

Practical informations

Location: (County Down)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.176902,-6.233400

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*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

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DurationDuration: 30 minutes


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