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St. Patrick’s Cathedral of Armagh

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Informations about St. Patrick’s Cathedral of Armagh

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Armagh (Northern Ireland)
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Address : Abbey Street - Armagh

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Armagh has many religious buildings to visit, including the Catholic and Protestant cathedrals in the city centre, among them is St Patrick’s Cathedral, located in the city centre.

Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh

A Catholic cathedral built between 1840 and 1904

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Armagh. The building was erected on a small hill in the city of Armagh, and is still in use today.

Its Gothic architecture is worth a visit, as are its stained glass windows and the countless sculptures inside the central nave. The architecture is massive and most impressive with its sparkling white tones and pure neo-Gothic style.

A building to be visited for free, as long as you are discreet and avoid camera flashes.

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Abbey Street - Armagh
Location: (County Armagh)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.352255,-6.660376

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*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

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