St Munchin's Church - infomatique - cc

St Munchin’s Church

St Munchin's Church - infomatique - cc

St Munchin’s Church is a Limerick parish, located more precisely on King’s Island. Built in 1825, it is named after St Munchin, the first known bishop of Limerick. Rather beautiful, it has a certain cachet, with its bell tower and its small historic cemetery…

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A church in the heart of old Limerick…

St Munchin's Church - infomatique - cc

The St Munchin’s Church – cc infomatique

St Munchin’s church is located in the heart of old Limerick on King’s Island. Still in operation, this parish has a main tower topped by 4 pinnacles.

You will have the opportunity to visit it, under cover of discretion: the church is often attended during religious ceremonies.

Moreover, you may be able to take some pictures, provided you ask for permission on the spot (no flash however).

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Address Address: on King's Island in Limerick
Lieu : (County Limerick)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.670792,-8.625661

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