St Mary's Church - infomatique - cc

St Mary’s Church

Localisation en Irlande
St Mary's Church - infomatique - cc

Informations about St Mary’s Church

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : Howth

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St Mary’s Church is an old ruined church and is one of the must-see sights on Howth. Splendid ruins, which should amaze you, provided you are attached to the beautiful stones full of history!

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A church built facing the sea!

St Mary's Church - infomatique - cc

St Mary’s Church – cc

The St Mary’s Church and its cemetery are said to date from the 14th century. They would then have been modified during the 15th century, with notable improvements such as the raising of the gables, the addition of a bell for the main tower, the construction of a porch and a south gate…etc.

The site is free and easily accessible. The ruins are magnificent, and overlook the sea and the port of Howth village. The pediment, the tower, and most of the load-bearing walls are still intact today. Only the roof has not been able to resist the damage of time.
As for the cemetery, it is highly structured, and differs from most small Irish cemeteries where graves are scattered all over the place.

A superb corner, which amply deserves some photos, as well as the discovery of its history!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Howth
Location: (County Dublin)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 53.388304,-6.078823

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