The St James Gate

La St James Gate - Mikel Ortega - cc
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The St James Gate is a gateway to Dublin’s highly touristic area. And with good reason! It is in itself a true cultural symbol of the capital and the whole country! Stamped “Guinness” it represents the success of the Guinness brewery, which produces the most famous beer in Ireland!

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A door that has protected the Guinness Empire since 1759.

The St James Gate - Mikel Ortega - cc

The St James Gate – Mikel Ortega – cc

St James Gate is located in Dublin city centre on St James Street (hence the name). Gigantic black door with gold letters, it has become over the years a must for tourists who come to discover Dublin and the famous Guinness.

Very imposing, it is more than 4 meters high and is one of the most touristic sites of the city. A true symbol of success, it alone symbolizes the rise of Dublin as well as the success of Guinness beer, which has become the national beer and is now exported all over the world… In short, a whole section of the economic success of Dublin and Ireland resides here!

It’s customary to take a picture of yourself in front of this door, just to “show off” a little in front of your friends, and show that you were in Dublin, near the Temple which brewed the most famous Irish beer.

Historically, the St James Gate would have been the original entrance to the Guinness brewery (St James Street was known to be THE district for many other Irish beer breweries). Now it is used for tourist and cultural purposes only.

Access is free, and pictures are of course allowed… (Beware, it is often crowded, and you may have to wait a few minutes before it’s your turn).

In short, a must-see site that won’t cost you a penny, and that will allow you to touch the origins of the Guinness brewery, which was founded in 1759.

The St James Gate
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St James Street - Dublin

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53.343405, -6.287069
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  • free
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  • everyday

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