St Flannan's Cathedral - Lindy Buckley - cc

La St Flannan’s Cathedral

La St Flannan's Cathedral - Lindy Buckley - cc

Killaloe has a church built between 1185 and 1225 St Flannan’s Cathedral. Magnificent, although a bit austere, it is one of the sites to be seen in the village.

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A Romanesque cathedral, transformed into a Gothic cathedral

St Flannan’s Cathedral is said to have been built in the 13th century, and dedicated to St Flannan, a former village abbot who lived in Killaloe in the 7th century. The building was originally built in a typical Romanesque style, but the cathedral was destroyed and then rebuilt in the 14th century: only the original Romanesque arch has survived the renovations.

Since then, the site is still in use, and welcomes the inhabitants of Killaloe every week for religious ceremonies. The site is accessible to visitors on condition that it is discreet. Overall, the architecture of the cathedral is typical of the 13th century, with a main tower, a Latin cross plan, and a small adjoining cemetery.

Inside, the nave is lit by an imposing stained glass window spread over 3 openings. The walls are white, and contrast strongly with a dark wood vaulted roof. A pretty cathedral in a nutshell.

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Address Address: Killaloe
Lieu : (County Clare)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.806327,-8.439032

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DurationDuration: 30 minutes

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