The St Finnbarr Cathedral

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Cork, (County Cork)

St Finnbarr Cathedral, is one of the largest Protestant cathedrals in the city of Cork. Its first remains date back to the 6th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the whole city. Still in use, the cathedral, in neo-gothic style, is accessible free of charge to visitors .

History of St Finnbarr Cathedral

A building whose origins date back to the 6th century

The site of the cathedral is a place dedicated to religious worship since the 6th century, founded by St Finnbarr, a monk who wanted to found a monastic school and a chapel to make it a cultural and religious centre of first importance in the Munster region.

After several centuries of activity, the school was finally razed to the ground, with the exception of the cemetery, where St Finnbarr is buried.

The Cathedral was not built until 1865, on the exact spot where the first chapel of St Finnbarr was located. Its Gothic Revival style architecture has the characteristics of a more recent, and somewhat busy, style.

Today, the cathedral is still in use, and priests and bishops still officiate there, on the occasion of mass or any other religious ceremony .

Visit the St Finnbarr Cathedral

An ultra-touristic place in Cork!

St Finnbarr’s Cathedral is a Protestant building that you can visit. Pictures are generally allowed, provided you make a small donation to the church, of any amount you want (the Irish are very religious, and use these donations for the maintenance of cathedrals and other religious buildings.

You will be able to admire the sculptures of its large doors, the beauty of the interior stained-glass windows, as well as the neo-gothic vaults of the nave. Don’t miss the 19th century mosaics, which can be seen throughout the building.

The St Finnbarr Cathedral
Practical information

Address Address:
on Dean Street in downtown Cork.

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
51.894381, -8.480043

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:
20 minutes
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Opening hoursOpening hours:

from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5.20 pm from April to October – from 10 am to 5 pm from October to March; Sunday from 2 pm to 5.20 pm

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