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Sperrin Mountains - Daragh Burns - cc

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(Republic of Ireland)
Address : in County Tyrone and County Derry.

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The Sperrins (Na Speiríní in Irish Gaelic) are a mountain range in Northern Ireland. Magnificent, they offer a majestic spectacle to the brave hikers who come to admire them. Probably the most beautiful mountains in Northern Ireland!

Visit the Sperrins

The most beautiful mountains in Northern Ireland!

Situated to the west of Lough Neagh in County Tyrone and on the edge of County Londonderry, the Sperrins are considered to be real stars. Very touristic, they attract every year several thousands of hikers who come to enjoy its sumptuous wilderness panoramas. It must be said that nature reigns supreme here, and will give you the best of itself whatever the weather!

To discover them, we advise you to leave with the equipment required for hiking: walking shoes, backpack, food, water and windbreaker. Always leave in a group, and also warn the Visitor Centre des Sperrins before starting your day of exploration!

Once there, many marked trails will take you into the heart of the mountain range. The gradients and levels of difficulty may vary according to the trail chosen, but the landscapes are grandiose, offering beautiful views of the valley and the highest peaks of the Sperrins. In front of you will stand the highest peak of the range: Sawel Mountain which culminates at 678 meters of altitude!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: in County Tyrone and County Derry.
Location: ,

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.802646,-7.083181
Gaelic name: Na Speiríní

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