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The Spanish Arch is a curiosity of Galway, Ireland. It is an ancient city gate built in 1584 to protect the city’s harbour and fish market. Installed on the banks of Lough Corrib, this stone arch is a very popular place for tourists, who love to walk around!

Visit the Spanish Arch in Galway

A defensive wall, facing Lough Corrib.

The Spanish Arch is a beautiful wall, which can be admired by taking “The Long Walk”, a walk along the river of Lough Corrib. With 2 stone arches, the building is imposing, rather deep, and has a strange grave charm, with the proximity of its docks, and its quiet fishermen who come to cast their line.

It is of course possible to go under the arch and cross it on foot.

Although the monument may seem austere and of rather limited tourist interest, it is above all a rallying point for many Galway residents.

For example, many students gather here to enjoy the view of Lough Corrib, to sit on the docks for a quick meal, to chat and socialise with friends, to fish, or simply to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere of the place.

Spanish Arch
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Quay Street - Galway

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