Slidderyford dolmen

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Dundrum, (County Down)

Slidderyford Dolmen is located in the village of Dundrum in County Down. This small dolmen is located in the middle of the North Irish countryside, close to some houses. All in roundness, it is one of the smallest megaliths of Northern Ireland!

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A small, round dolmen lost in the Northern Irish countryside

Slidderyford dolmen - minipixel - cc

Slidderyford Dolmen – minipixelcc

The Slidderyford Dolmen dates from the Neolithic period, and consists of a slightly stocky upper table, supported by 4 smaller megaliths, sunk vertically into the earth.

Access to the site is free, and rather unknown to tourists. However, the Slidderyford Dolmen is worth the detour! It is said to have served as a place of sacrifice and graves for the influential men and women of the time. Bones, cut stones and pieces of pottery are said to have been found on the ground around the dolmen.

Nowadays, the site is intact, and access is free. A nice site if you pass by!

Slidderyford dolmen
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au nord de Newcastle

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