Skibbereen Heritage Centre

Skibbereen Heritage Centre

Localisation en Irlande
Skibbereen Heritage Centre

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Cork (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : Skibbereen

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The Skibbereen Heritage Centre is a museum in the village of Skibbereen in County Cork. Fascinating, it is entirely devoted to the painful episode of the Great Irish Famine. A must-see to better immerse yourself in the Irish past!

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A historical museum to remember the drama of the Great Famine

Skibereen is an Irish town which was deeply marked by the Great Famine… An Irish song about it : the “Old Skibbereen”, which tells the terrible conditions of the Irish Famine.

To better pay homage to this sad episode of its history, the city has opened a museum dedicated to this event: the Skibbereen Heritage Centre. On the programme is a poignant exhibition on the living conditions of the time, with the terrible figures concerning mortality in the village (between 8,000 and 10,000 are said to have been buried in the town’s cemetery, the Abbeystrewery Cemetery).

A dark, but really interesting subject!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Skibbereen
Location: (County Cork)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 51.550851,-9.271918

Web siteWeb site : Go to the website

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